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English Language and Career Skills Lab

English is a particularly challenging language for the learner as it is not a phonetic language. It is spoken in a wide variety of accents and dialects all over the world. This frequently causes comprehension problems for the non-native speaker. However, when one knows English well, it is easy to communicate globally.

Learning English requires more than grammar, although a knowledge of grammar is important in creating a coherent sentence. The learner must hear, speak and read a vast quantity of English to become fluent in the language. In ELL, the student learns the course material using all the modalities to achieve fluency. The Pronunciation Tools help them gage their proficiency by comparison with a standard English speaker.

The material in the Career Lab is designed to be of maximum use to the young person launching a career that requires English language skill to land a job and achieve success in the workplace. The course content is consciously value-based, relevant and most of all, engaging. To that end, content is presented by listening, speaking, reading, role play, animation, games, quiz, videos and other multi-media special effects .

The online format gives the student immediate feedback on performance. Video tutorials provide a "virtual" teacher. Teachers can access the students’ performance to assess and monitor their progress.

The Writing Lab and Creative Writing Lab are an answer to the often heard complaint that students are unable to organize their thoughts well in writing and that their writing lacks panache.

The English Language and Career Skills Lab is an answer to the need of the hour for a fluent, coherent and creative English speaking job force.